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What is Concert Cats?


Concert Cats is a program created by the OU MTNA Collegiate Chapter and Dr. Christopher Fisher of the Keyboard Division to encourage and increase the accessibility of concert-going experiences for kids and adults alike in Athens, Ohio.

Our program is aimed at creating fun pre-concert activities for kids interested in music performances.  These activities will also be geared towards the selected venues and led by members of the OU MTNA Collegiate Chapter.  Members of the Concert Cats will be offered reserved seating at each selected venue, along with a special T-Shirt and recognition during the performance.  Performers will also be available after the venues for a meet and greet with the Concert Cats.

Concert Cats also hopes to elevate the family concert-going experience as a whole.  If a family has a child/children under the age of eight who are interested in being part of the Concert Cats program, the chapter is willing to offer an alternative concert experience for younger Concert Cats members.

Concert Cats is an outgrowth of Project Inspirare, a project designed to engage the next generation with classical music through community outreach and engagement. More information on Project Inspirare and its initiatives can be found here



What events are part of the Concert Cats program?


Members of the OU MTNA Collegiate Chapter have selected a variety of performance venues from the Ohio University concert series.  Please check out upcoming events here.



What are the benefits of becoming a Concert Cats member?


Concert Cats members (kids ages 8-14) will receive a free T-Shirt as part of their membership.  They will be invited to a pre-concert party to educate them about the performance, and have reserved seating with the rest of the Concert Cats.  Each performance will also include a meet-and-greet with performers afterward.  Furthermore, kids who attend multiple Concert Cats selected venues will be invited to a party at the end of the series (in March/April 2020) to culminate their experience.

Concert Cats Sketch by Andrea Tinajero Perez

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